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Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Love Of Seven Heaven Magic Amulet (Fusion Of Charm & Windfall Magic Subjects)

Strictly For Pre-Order Only !!!

Pm For Ordering Info

Note - Do Not Abuse Or Use Magic Love Wax To Harm Others. Law Of Karma Applies.

Discover The Legendary Magic Subjects With Tested & Proven Results Worldwide ~ Be Charming. Desirable. Wealthy.

Infused With Many Old Charming Herbs & Attraction Oil From Many Masters To Combine Into This Magic Amulet

Specially Added 1 Pair Of Windfall Fishes & Special Takrut Of Salika* For Great Wealth Fetching Luck, Convincing & Influencing Magic

Suitable For All Genders - Unisex/LGBT

Front Of Amulet

Size: 2.5 x 2.5 cm

Can Wear Above Or Below Waist Level (In Pocket/Bag)

Back Of The Amulet With Magic Symbols Of *Deeply In Love With You*

Inside The Magic Case - Embedded With Windfall & Wealthy Fishes & Special Takrut Salika

How to Use ??? Procedures & Instructions (Secret* Mantra Will Be Given To Owner Only)
  • Touch the magic wax on your face/neck/other part of your body for boosting your charm & attractiveness (people around will fall in love with you)
  • Apply on your products, shops, contracts,gifts , marketing materials, namecards & etc, your target audience will be attracted to those items & to boost your businesses & sales
  • Can carry with you (Above and Below Waist Level) to make you become more attractive and increase your sex appeal
  • Use the special magic wax to apply on things and give to the person you like (Please Do Not Target Attached/Married)

Note: Due To High Energy/Vibration, Some Users May Experience Dizziness*  & Need Few Days To Adjust

Tested & Proven Results Worldwide Again & Again

and many many more...

    General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Powerful Attraction, Charm, Be More Charismatic & Increase your Sex Appeal. (Bewitching and Enchanting Seductive Magnetism)
  • Enhances Your Windfall, Wealth Fetching, Business/Sales and Investment/Gambling Luck (Mainstream/Side Income Luck) Greatly
  • Enhances Your Convincing/Persuading Power & Negotiation (Special Salika Magic Subject)
  • Attract Better Opportunities & More Benefactors* into your life

Who Should Use? Especially for Users:
  • To seek new partner or soul mate in life, want to be with the target in a shorter time frame or break the ice swiftly
  • To initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck
  • Reduce quarrels and conflicts with your partner
  • For Businesses/Sales Applications/Networking
(Please Take Note - Use it for the right purpose, don’t abuse the magic of the amulet.)

Special Consecration Methods & Materials Used (This Formula Delivers Miraculous Effects - Proven By Many Users):
  • Added all the legendary wax which are very famous and lot of experiences from the legendary charming magic teacher to make this magic wax
  • Various types of charming oil and herbs from old magic teachers which Master collected for a long time, concentrated charming herb which was inherited more than 300 years
  • Recited the incantations for all the materials of this green wax more than 15 years until the power is full and will multiply the power of magic wax to be extremely powerful.
  • Special incantation in this magic wax until the wax can be grown by itself with weird shapes. Moreover, he added gold foils which wrote Yants more than 50,000 pieces to mix with this green wax because gold is a pure & natural mineral which will attract good things & Luck to come and gold is a thing which everyone want.

Thank You Very Much !!!

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