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Friday, 25 January 2019

Special Magic Wax Made Of Beeswax, Holy Candles & Love Herbs For Great Charisma. Charm. Confidence

Special Magic Wax Made Of Beeswax, Holy Candles & Love Herbs To Apply & Power Up Your Life !!!


Charisma. Charm. Confidence

Experience The Magic Subject For Quick Boosting Of Your Aura & Energy Enhancements !!! Especially For Users In Relationship Jobs & Sales Line

Tested & Proven Results Worldwide:

and many more...

Qns: Why Use Magic Wax ? Difference From Magic Amulets ?

Answer - Read Our Article On The Essentials For Quick & Efficacious Magic Enhancements & Effects: Magic Wax @

Version 1

Size: 2 cm Diameter

For Self Application Only

Made Of 100% Natural & Holy Magic Herbs & Flowers

Note - Please use it for the right purpose, don’t abuse the magic of the amulet.

Special Edition With Wooden Case Engraved From Very Old Temple's Pillar !!!

Superb Positive Energies & Power Infused.

High Tier: Version 2 - 1 Piece Left

Why Honey Comb (Beeswax) to make this magic wax???

1) All bees stored their honey & pollen inside symbolise *Abundance*

2) Bee reproduces inside & raise their younger bees symbolise *Fertility*

3) Only one Queen Bee will survive in a Bee Hive & mate with several others symbolise *Queen Of Charm*

How to Use This Magic Wax ? Procedures & Instructions:
  • Pray Your Wishes & Apply the magic wax thinly on your face/mouth/neck/other part of your body for boosting your charm & attractiveness (people around will fall in love with you)
  • Apply on your products, shops, contracts, gifts, marketing materials, namecards & etc, your target audience will be attracted to those items & to boost your businesses & sales

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Boosting Of Powerful Attraction, Charm & increase your Sex Appeal. (Bewitching and Enchanting Seductive Magnetism)
  • Enhances Your Convincing/Persuading Power & Negotiation
Especially for Users:
  • To seek new partner or soul mate in life, want to be with the target in a shorter time frame or break the ice swiftly
  • To initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck
  • Reduce quarrels and conflicts with your partner
  • For Businesses/Sales Applications/Networking
Composition Of Materials:
Made from Holy Candles, Honey Comb (Beehive) & Love Herbs

Released From:
Monastery In Ayutthaya, Thailand

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