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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Golden Colour Phra Pidta (Covered Eyes Buddha) With Phra Sivali & Wealth Hornet Magic Amulet - Embedded With 38 Wealth Takruts, Holy Seeds & Relics

Overcome Obstacles, Boosting Your Windfall & Smooth Sailing.

Empowered Your Life With This Powerful & Beautiful Phra Pidta (Covered Eyes Buddha) Magic Amulet !!!

Found 1 Piece Available. Sold Out Previously.

Infused With Powerful Magic Spell For Wealth Fetching &  Windfall With Many Of Tested Proven Results & Experiences Worldwide Since 2013.

Front Of Magic Amulet

Back Of Magic Amulet

The Blessing Ceremony For This Version Of Phra Pidta Magic Amulets:

General Enhancements, Effects & Usages:
  • Boost your Luck and Fortune tremendously, Overcome Your Obstacles in life (Replenish & Magnified Your Luck)
  • Boosting Your Loving-Kindness (Metta/Ren Yuan) & Charisma greatly
  • Superb Power Securing Good Fortune in Money/Wealthy Fetching, Businesses/Sales, & Investment/Gambling luck
  • Career Advancements & Opportunities; Improves your BENEFACTOR'S LUCK
  • Protection Against Dangers & Negativity
Especially For You:
  • Those In very bad state & downturn (Great Debts/Business Failure, Unemployed, and etc.)
  • To reduce or stop obstacles/unexpected issues from happening in your life
  • To anticipate new financial territories and opportunities that can fuel your finances for a more optimistic wealth outlook
  • Pray Your Wishes & Be Helped
Composition Of Holy Materials:
  • Treasure Hornet With Phra Sivali Image - Excellent For Choke Lap & Mahalap 
  • 38 Silver Takruts with holy yantra 
  • Holy Hairs & Monk Robe 
  • Holy Powders, Holy Seeds & Relics

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