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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Beautiful Old Holy Metallic Alloy Phra Lersi Narod (Hermit) Magic Amulet For Focusing Power, Balance Your Energy & Guidance

Phra Lersi Narod Magic Amulet - Focusing Power. Balance Your Energy. Guidance In Life

Old Holy Metallic Alloy - 1 Pcs Available Each Version !!! 1st Come 1st Served.

Size: 2 x 4 cm

Must Wear Above Waist Level Or Worship At Altar

Background Info Of Phra Ruesi Narot:

Narot, was originally named Naradha in India, but his name was adapted into Thai language and became 'Narot'. Naradha was the inventor of the Pin (Vina) musical instrument and is therefor connected to both people in musical and performing arts as well as engineers and people who do artisanry, as well as inventors.

He is also in the Ramakian (Ramayana Vedic Epic) and is portrayed as one of if not the most powerful of all the Ruesi in that time. Even Hanuman could not beat him and had to ask his forgiveness and even beg for help once. Ruesi Narot is the Major Kroo in Thai Ruesi-ism and is revered by almost all Thai people.

The Ruesi were the great Guru teachers of ancient India. They heard the psalms of the Deities in the Heavenly realms and wrote them down. These ancient 'Kampir' (Magickal grimoires) were what became the vedas of Brahman religion, and are incorporated into Thai Theravada Buddhist Culture inseparably. The Lord Buddha's first two teachers to bring him to the level of Arupajhana were Ruesi hermit sages, and were only one step away from Enlightenment, which is the step further which Lord Buddha acheived (and for which reason Lord Buddha is higher than the Ruesi ) the Buddha stepped over the impossible abbyss that separates the dualistic thought process and left to the far shore (Nibbana).

At Siam Gallery, “We believe in sourcing the best, so you don’t have to worry. We only provide magic amulets we’re proud of”.

Our User Reviews For Reference - Tested & Proven Results & Experiences Worldwide From Using Similar Lersi (Hermit) Magic Amulets

For Career Progression !!!

For Focusing & Learning Power !!!

Aid In Studies !!!

Return Of Money...

Improve Of Focusing Power & Relationship

Many Many More...

General Enhancements, Effects & Usages (All Rounders Effects):
  • Boost Your Good Luck Greatly, Change Bad To Good Luck
  • Enhancing Your Focusing Power & Balance Your Energy; Aid in Learning
  • Successful In All Aspects that you are doing, Overcome all Obstacles & Barriers in life
  • Boosting Your Businesses/Sales luck & Windfall Luck
  • Attract the Right Opportunities and People to you 
  • Gain Respect & Leadership power (Authority & Convincing)
  • Extreme Protection against any Dangers or Negative energies
Who Should Use ? Especially For Those:
  • Easily distracted or cannot focus on specific subject ; require Guidance or Direction to improve your life 
  • Students or anyone who need to reduce learning cycle 
  • Wearing too many negative energy amulets or kmt amulets (Increase Positive Energy)
  • To prevent evil influence or black magic
Composition Of Materials:
Made From Old Holy Metallic Alloy

Released From:
Monastery In Ayutthaya, Thailand

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