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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Useful Tips – The Five Buddha Precepts & Chanting Of Itipiso Mantra

Many people have been asking me what are the rules of wearing thai amulets or seeking more energy or rather more effective? 

They ask whether the answer is doing more magical blessings, rituals, Sak Yants ??? or some are wearing many Factory Made amulets unknowingly ?

Answer: We can follow the five precepts of Buddha, and do more merits (donations to Temple Offerings, Building or Needy). 

Don't Be Mislead by evils !!! Good Luck Everyone !!!

The Five Precepts are basic ethical guidelines taught by the Buddha for lay practitioners -

1) To refrain from killing. The central tenet of Buddhism is ahimsa, or non-harming, which teaches the sanctity of all life—humans, animals, plants, and even the environment. Hence, the first precept helps us engender compassion for ourselves and all living beings.

2) To refrain from taking things not given. Aside from outright stealing, this may also include consuming more than necessary, wasting resources, or exploitation. Instead, the Buddha encouraged us to practice dana, or generosity.

3) To refrain from sexual misconduct. This precept pertains to avoiding causing harm through sexual behavior. This includes sexual assaults, infidelity, promiscuity, and for some Buddhists, premarital sex. Being aware of the suffering caused by sexual misconduct, we can exercise responsibility and strengthen the integrity of our personal relationships.

4) To refrain from lying. This precept invites us to use words wisely, truthfully, and kindly. Just as actions of the body can inflict harm, so too can words. Buddhists aim to seek truth and wisdom; lying and deception only increase delusion and ignorance.

5) To refrain from taking intoxicants. Buddhism emphasizes wisdom and clarity of mind. It teaches us to “look within” to find our Buddha nature. Intoxicants such as alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs cloud our minds and thus impair our ability to practice. Furthermore, when intoxicated, we are prone to transgress the previous four precepts.

The precepts are taken voluntarily, usually in a formal ceremony. In the Abhisanda Sutta, the Buddha called the Five Precepts the “five great gifts” that bestow “freedom from danger, freedom from animosity, and freedom from the oppression of limitless numbers of beings.”

The Five Precepts fall under the “right speech”, “right action”, and “right livelihood” of the Eight-fold Path and are prerequisite for the cultivation of concentration and wisdom. With the practice of upholding the precepts, we are more observant of our body and speech, leading us towards mental stillness and clarity, and ultimately, liberation from suffering.

* Itipiso Mantra - Yant Kropetch Katha *

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambuddhassa (3x)

Itipiso Bhagava (He is indeed the Exalted One)
Araham (far from defilements)
Samma Sambuddho (perfectly enlightened by Himself)
Vijjacaranasampanno (fully possessed of wisdom and excellent conduct)
Sugato Lokavidu (knower of the worlds)
Anutaro Purisadhammasarathi Sattha (unexcelled Trainer of tamable men)
Devamanussanam (teacher of deities and men)
Buddho (the Awakened One)
Bhagavati (the Lord skilled in teaching Dhamma)

Svakkato Bhagavata Dhammo (well expounded is the Exalted One’s Dhamma)
Sanditthiko (to be seen here and now)
Akaliko (not delayed in time)
Ehipassiko ( (inviting one to) come and see)
Opanayiko (leading inwards)
Paccatam Veditabbo Vinnuhiti (to be seen by each wise man for himself)

Supatipanno Bhagavato Savakasangho (that which is the Sangha of the Exalted One’s disciple who have practiced well)
Ujupatipanno Bhagavato Savakasangho (that which is the Sangha of the Exalted One’s disciple who have practiced straightly)
Nayapatipanno Bhagavato Savakasangho (that which is the Sangha of the Exalted One’s disciple who have practiced rightly)
Samicipatipanno Bhagavato Savakasangho (that which is the Sangha of the Exalted One’s disciple who have practiced properly)
Yadittam (that is to say)
Cattari Purisayugani (the four pairs of men- those who are in the four pairs of Noble Path and Fruition)
Attha Purisapuggala (the eight types of individual persons- those who are with the mind of a Stream Winner up to Fruition of Arahantship)
Esa Bhagavato Savakasangho (that is the Sangha of the Exalted One’s disciples)
Ahuneyyo (worthy of gifts)
Pahuneyyo (worthy of hospitality)
Dakkkhineyyo (worthy of offerings)
Anjalikaraniyo (who should be respected)
Anuttaram Punakkhetam Lokassati (incomparable field of merit to the world)

Youtube Link To Chant Along -

Yant Kropetch (The Mantra of Diamond Shield. Luang Phor Parn of Wat Bang Nom Kho)

Thanks To All Online Source Of Information

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