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Sunday, 14 July 2019

The Greatest Symbol Of Wealthy, Windfall & Fortune Luck: Golden Tortoise Magic Amulet

Moving Forward & Onward, Never Backwards.

The Ideal Magic Amulet To Empower Your Life With Great Fortune, Money & Wealthy Luck.

"Life has change ever since" Quoted From Previous User's Experiences.

Last 1 Piece Left. 1st Come 1st Served.

Tested & Proven Experiences And Results By Our Users Worldwide:

After Few Days Of Wearing...

10k RM Won...

New Job Opportunities...

User Feeling Positive After Placing It At Home

Life has change ever since

and many more...

In The Old Magic Book Passed Down From Previous Generations stated that the great power of the Wealthy Tortoise - “Poor person will become a Millionaire, Millionaire will become a Baron , Baron will become a King, King will become an Emperor. Whoever don’t have lover, will have a lover. Whoever don’t have money, will have more money...The Destiny Of The Owner Will Be Better & Better Day By Day"

Tortoise Is One Of The Four Celestial Animals (Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger and Tortoise) in Feng Shui. The Greatest Sign Of Longevity, Stability, Steadiness, Good fortune & Wealthy, Support and Protection

Size: 1 cm x 2 cm

Small & Compact Size For Easy Wearing

No Offerings Required - 100% Holy Item

How To Use This Magic Amulet ???

Special Method To Use (Mantra Will Be Provided To The Owner) :

1) Carry the Wealthy Tortoise magic amulet everyday to be blessed with Good Luck, Good Health & Wealthy (In Bag/Pocket)

2) Place the Wealthy Tortoise Amulet to soak in water in a bowl (i.e. Fish Tank) and turn his head facing the main door* of the home or shop/office to attract customers and money. (Wealthy Tortoise can also use to protect home from any danger such as fire or thief) 

At the middle of shell, it is engraved with the "Magical Symbols Of Loving-Kindness & Charm" and covered around it with the "5 Great Magic Symbols" which have to be kept secret and rarely spread in public due to the great power of this "5 Great Magic Symbols" will support & help the owner of this Wealthy Tortoise to be rich and flourishing continuously & steadily.

At the stomach, it is engraved with Yants Of The Great Wealthy Tortoise and the human's heart mantra that will support the owner's destiny & luck

For Reference Purpose - You can encase your tortoise magic amulet in real gold or silver frame !!!

According To The Old Magic Book:

Wealthy Tortoise amulets blessed with this great wealthy magic subjects of the previous generation magic spells recorded in the secret magic book will be spiritual* alive to help and support their owners.

"Golden Tortoise Amulet" are of persistence and will never give up to unblock every obstacle one by one and create every possible way out for you until success is achieved.

Also, the universal tortoise is the greatest sign of longevity, stability, steadiness, good fortune, support and protection.

Magnified View Of Amulet

Based On Legend:

Lord Buddha was once born as a Phaya Taoreuan (giant king tortoise) in one of his former existence. In that life form, he lived on the top of a mountain. A part of Lord Buddha’s legend called “Prachao 500 Charti” in Thai folklore says Lord Buddha told his disciples about his birth as Phaya Taoreuan and had given his own flesh to save some merchants’ lives. Subsequent rebirths in Samsara, Lord Buddha was reborn many times in order to achieve the highest merit succeeding to his final enlightenment.

According to the legend, one day a group of starving merchants who had been travelling for many days without food reached a mountain. Phaya Taoreuan said to himself "I do not have anything to help save these hungry men, except my body, therefore I would like to donate my life and body as their food to help save them from death. And in return for my merit, I would like to achieve enlightenment in the future.”

Phaya Taoreuan rolled down from the top of the mountain and sacrificed his body as sustenance for the merchants. After the merchants ate the meat of Phaya Taoreuan they were saved from otherwise a sure death. They took the shell of the giant turtle back to their home to worship and ultimately the merchants were again been blessed with great wealth.

What Tortoise Symbolises:

Wiki Link @

Tortoise live for over 1000 years. Its body and shell has medicinal value and was used to make pills to treat diseases such as kidney problems. In the heavenly world, the Tortoise is one of the four celestial animals (Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger and Tortoise) in Feng Shui practice.

It is the guardian of the north quadrant of the heaven and its element is water. Therefore, it is known as the black warrior of the north and seen as an important star constellation. The tortoise is as essential as the dragon.

Throughout history, many myths, legends and theories have come into play regarding the origin of the world. One of these includes what is known as World Turtle. Seen primarily in Hindu, Chinese and Indigenous mythology, they believe that the world is found on the back of a turtle.

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Superb Wealth Fetching, Money, Gambling & Sales/Business Luck ; Overcome Debts and Financial Obstacles (For Both Steady/Stable Inflow And Windfall Luck)
  • Career Progression in Corporate ladder & Gain Recognition in different aspects of life (Fame)
  • Boosting Your Good Luck Greatly; Change Bad To Good Luck; Be Successful
  • Enhances Your Loving-Kindness (Metta/Ren Yuan); Be More Charismatic
  • Attracting More Opportunities & Benefactors into your life to support & help you
  • Blessed with Positive Energy to promote healthy state (Longevity)
  • Protection against any harm, negativity & assets losses (Guard Your Home)
Tailored For Those:
  • For great boost of businesses, increasing sales and attracting more customers
  • To use the ability to develop new avenues of wealth growth, this amulet will boost the likelihood of windfall luck (Lotteries/Investments)
  • Wearer in very bad state (Business Failure, Unemployed, In Huge Debts to repay and etc.)
  • Strengthen the harmony of the family, protecting inhabitants within, providing excellent family blessings, safety and security to kids and women
Composition Of Holy Materials:
Fused With Many kind of Powerful Holy Metal and moulded into the golden tortoise form

Released From:

Viharn Phra Thammarat Buddhist Place, Thailand

All general enhancements & effects are a basic guide for users to understand the general usages and energy base of each item.

I would like to re-emphasis all different magic amulets/charms/wax are made with different magic subjects and ingredients producing different level of energy to help the wearer to achieve their goals or needs in life.

For Example - Buddha XXX amulet contain different energy base as Buddha XYZ, although both have the same common name or category. Common mistake is to believe all amulets with same common name contain the same energy for enhancements.

Please use all my magic amulets for the right purpose, don’t abuse the magic of the amulet to harm others.

Experience The Magical Power Of Our Magic Amulets & Charms Today.

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