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Saturday, 28 September 2019

Powerful Magic Amulet (Takrut) Of Civara Robe - JeeWorn With Holy Yants For Charisma, Good Luck, Overcoming Obstacles & Protection

Powerful Magic Amulet (Takrut) Of Monk Robe - JeeWorn With Holy Yants For Good Luck, Overcoming Obstacles & Protection.

You Can Wear This Magic Amulet Made From Special Monk Robe (JeeWorn) With Holy Symbols For Charisma, Good Luck, Overcoming Obstacles & Protection Blessings.

Limited Pieces Available For True Believers To Improve Their Life.

Size: 0.5 cm wide x 7 cm height

Compact & Slim Size For Easy Wearing

The robe of a monk is believe to possess anti black magic effects for the purity of the monk who wore it, and also for it being the robe which represents the True Buddha Dhamma, which all demons, evil spirits and other forms of Mara must bow to in consent of its unshakeable foundations.

How To Use/Wear ???

1) Encase In Casing & Wear below or above waist level (In Pocket/Bag)

2) Placed at home, office, shop, or car – you can protect your home from negative energy, prevent thieves, enhance human relations & family harmony

Composition Of Holy Materials:

1) Guru Monk's Robe With Magic Symbols

2) Added With Holy Hairs Of Guru Monk & Holy Powders Inside Amulet

General Enhancements & Effects:
  • Enhances Your Loving-Kindness (Metta) & Be More Charismatic
  • Boost Your Wealth fetching, Businesses & Sales luck (Mahalap & Maha Pokkasap)
  • Attracting Opportunities & Important people to help and assist you (Benefactors' Luck)
  • Always Succeed in business or workplace (Victory) & Turnaround from bad situation; Change luck from bad to good ; Overcome obstacles and failures in life
  • Prevent & Reduce Backstabbers from harming you; Protection against negative energies, black magic & dangers (Invulnerability)
Especially For Users: (Both Self-Employed or Employed)
  • To excel in their industry/businesses & progress to the next level in your life (Attain Higher Achievements & Greater heights in your fortune and career)
  • To Attract New Opportunities and Fresh Stream Of Prosperous Luck

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